The next Overwatch seasonal event has been announced. The Lunar New Year event comes to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC game on February 8, developer Blizzard announced today.

“Wishing you prosperity in the Year of the Dog!” Blizzard said in a tweet along with a teaser video. You can check out the 10-second teaser in the embed above.

Overwatch had a Lunar event last year, called Year of the Rooster, and it added many new skins to the game. You can most likely expect something similar this year. Game director Jeff Kaplan recently teased that this year’s Lunar event will feature some “pretty significant content that players are going to be very happy with.” He added that Blizzard also intends to make some changes during the event based on feedback to previous events.

Overwatch saw a big update recently that introduced the Blizzard World map and new skins. The variety of new cosmetics are hard to come across, as they were added straight into the base loot box, but Blizzard says the loot box odds remain unchanged.