One of Destiny 2′s biggest updates so far is now available, introducing new elements to the game like Masterwork armor and Raid armor perks. Its release also marks the launch of the latest Iron Banner event, which is the first one to take place since Curse of Osiris debuted in December. That DLC started the second season of in-game content, with each season bringing new gear to activities like Faction Rally and Iron Banner. Following the recent Faction Rally event’s new set of items, now is your chance to acquire the just-added selection of Iron Banner gear.

Iron Banner Engrams you receive from Lord Saladin can now have a variety of new items inside them, alongside those that were already available. Even more will be added during the next Iron Banner, but for now, you can expect to have a shot at a new hand cannon, scout rifle, shotgun, Ghost, Sparrow, shader, and ship. Additionally, there’s a new emblem that tracks how many times you’ve ranked up with Iron Banner; you can earn this by completing the Iron Banner Milestone (which requires playing 30 total Iron Banner matches during Season 2).

Bear in mind, the new gear requires that you own Curse of Osiris. Even without the DLC, though, you’re still free to participate in the event and earn Season 1 gear. You can see all of the new gear, including the weapons and armor Ornaments (for Titan, Warlock, and Hunter), in the gallery above.

One notable change for this instance of Iron Banner is how you earn rewards. In addition to the usual means of acquiring gear, you can now directly purchase select items. Saladin will sell three weapons and five pieces of armor during each event for a combination of Legendary Shards and Iron Banner Tokens. He also has five armor Ornaments that can be acquired by completing Challenges during Iron Banner matches.

This Iron Banner runs from now until the weekly reset on Tuesday, February 6. The game mode this time around is Control. You can see what else is new in Destiny 2′s update in our rundown on the 1.1.2 patch notes.

Titan Mark Ornament

Titan Leg Armor Ornament

Titan Guantlet Ornament

Titan Chest Armor Ornament

Titan Helmet Ornament

Warlock Bond Ornament

Warlock Chest Armor Ornament

Warlock Gauntlet Ornament

Warlock Helmet Ornament

Warlock Leg Armor Ornament

Hunter Gauntlets Ornament

Hunter Chest Armor Ornament

Hunter Cloak Ornament

Hunter Helmet Ornament

Hunter Leg Armor Ornament