Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everyone: after four years, two hosts, numerous producers, and tons of fans, we’re finally putting The Lobby out to pasture.

The Lobby started as a demo-driven show where GameSpot staffers gathered to play the newest games, while discussing the things they loved (and often didn’t love) about countless releases. It then took on a talk show format, with the energy and leadership of Danny O’Dwyer, an array of intelligent guests, and a line of talented producers, including, but not limited to, Mary Kish, Erick Tay, Dan Mihoerck, Jean-Luc Seipke, and Richard Li. What followed were years of dumb jokes, heated arguments, and passionate monologues.

As GameSpot has evolved, however, along with video game coverage itself, it’s become apparent that we’re ready to try something new. We have several projects in the works, and you can be sure you’ll see the likes of Peter Brown, Rob Handlery, Kallie Plagge, and myself just as much in the coming months.

Of course, none of our shows would exist without you, our dedicated readers, listeners, fans, and friends. Just as it’s always fun to see old friends returning to our community, it’s exciting to see new people join. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, we’re looking forward to seeing you during our soon-to-be-announced projects. If you’re just joining us: it’s an exciting time.

And as always, we’ll see you around.