Adult Swim’s newest animated series Hot Streets has quite a history from its inception, and it’s entirely possible it wouldn’t exist without Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. It’s a story that stretched back to 2005 for Brian Wysol, who is now showing his series to the world.

“Around 2005, I was living in Orange County and had been working property management and I really hated that job,” he remembers in a look at the history of Hot Streets, which you can see first below. “I could buy equipment where you could make your own cartoon. So I spent all the money that I had.”

It’s then that he found Channel 101–the web-based short film competition created by Harmon and Rob Schrab. “Channel 101 is a monthly contest where anybody in the world can enter a five-minute fake TV pilot that then gets screened in front of an audience,” JD Ryznar, a voice on Hot Streets, explains. “They then vote for their favorites and the five favorites get to come back and make another episode.”

One of those voting was none other than Roiland, who became a fan of Wysol’s. “So I would see his stuff monthly or at least hope to see it monthly because I was always such a big fan,” he says. Of course, not everyone was a fan and some of his animated shorts did not win over the majority of the audience. It did not deter Wysol, though. “This guy doesn’t give a f*** at all,” Roiland jokes. “It’s amazing.”

So amazing that when the time was right, Wysol decided to pitch an animated series to Adult Swim with Roiland on board as one of the voices. As with his reception at Channel 101 events, though, the pitch session with the network was not going well, at first. Then Roiland stepped in.

“I literally had [Adult Swim senior executive vice president Mike] Lazzo watch like three or four of his shorts and he was like, ‘Alright, greenlit to series,’” Roiland remembers. Looking back on the journey, Wysol himself can’t believe how far he’s come. “I went from making a cartoon by myself in my apartment to having a team of amazingly talented professional animators,” he says. “It was exciting to be able to escape my old job and to make cartoons, which is my dream.”

Hot Streets airs Sunday nights at midnight on Adult Swim.