Ready to start planning your pull list for the New Year now? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the near endless barrage of solicits and advanced order notices from your favorite comics publishers? Lost track of just what’s coming out and when after the whirlwind of the holidays finally subsides?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 comics slated for release in 2018 that you should be keeping an eye on, from scientifically skewed superheroes to intrepid investigators.

Earth One: Green Lantern

DC’s latest entry into their “Earth One” line of graphic novels–stand alone books set in alternate universes where tenpole heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman can be reimagined from the ground up–is Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko’s Earth One: Green Lantern.

Primed to tell–surprise–an all new origin story for Hal Jordan, the second Green Lantern from Earth, with a decidedly more hard sci-fi bent than his original Silver Age story which involved him finding a crashed alien craft in the desert. Hardman and Bechko have cited influences like Interstellar for this new take and have revealed that Jordan will be an astronaut rather than a test pilot in this particular universe–a perfect intersection of sci-fi and superheroes for anyone who finds themselves on that particular venn diagram of interest.

Earth One: Green Lantern is coming in February.

The Seeds

A collaboration between two legends of the comic book industry–Ann Nocenti and David Aja–The Seeds falls under the newly founded Berger Books imprint at Dark Horse, handpicked and curated by Vertigo creator Karen Berger.

The Seeds is a four part story about a reporter in a world where “fact based reporting is gasping for its last breath,” Nocenti described. This reporter stumbles onto a huge story with potentially cosmic consequences–but it’s one she can’t report on, so, in lieu of telling the truth, she decides to concoct a myth and work from there.

The first issue of The Seeds is due in March.


Taking its queues from fan-favorite “sports anime” genre breakouts like Yuri!!! On Ice and Free! Boom Studios’ new ongoing, Fence–written by C.S. Pacat and drawn by Joanna the Mad–is the story of Nicholas Cox, competitive fencer with a chip on his shoulder trying to earn a spot on the team at the elite all-boys school, Kings Row.

The first two issues have already hit shelves in November and December of 2017, paving the way for a strong showing in 2018 as it continues monthly. Fence is going to be a must-read for not only “sports anime” fans, but anyone with so much as a passing interest in young adult fiction, queer narratives, or, unsurprisingly, fencing–though, don’t worry, any prior knowledge of fencing is definitely not required.

Fence #3 is due out in January.

Rise of the Black Panther

Journalist Evan Narcisse is joining forces with current Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Paul Renaud to tell a brand new “origin story” flavored tale for Marvel’s Black Panther, just in time for his solo big screen debut next year.

Teasers for the first issue have already dropped, featuring Renaud’s art and characters like Captain America and and Azzuri the Wise, solidifying this book as a “must read” for Black Panther fans new and old–or, really, anyone who might want to brush up on their comics history before Black Panther hits theatres in February.

Rise of the Black Panther #1 is due out in January.

Doomsday Clock

Despite making some massive waves in 2017, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock has 10 issues of its 12 issue run remaining after the new year, making the bulk of the story a 2018 event.

No matter where you fall on the Watchmen controversy, Doomsday Clock is sure to be a spectacle–and a major guiding force of the DCU in 2018. Rebirth might be officially over, but the trailheads and mysteries that were seeded way back in 2016 have yet to be resolved. This is the book you’ll want to be reading for, if not the solutions, than at least the next wave of clues.

Doomsday Clock #3 will be published in January.

Bingo Love

Fresh off of a massive Kickstarter victory, earning nearly four times its intended goal, Bingo Love by Tee Franklin and Jenn St-Onge has been picked up for widespread release by Image Comics. The story of two young black women named Mari and Hazel who fall in love at a bingo hall in the early 60s, but are broken apart by their families, only to reunite 50 years later to find they’re both very much still in love–but that they’re both married to someone else. Bingo Love is a story about love, loss, and victory in the face of adversity with a focus on the issues surrounding coming out as queer later in life.

Bingo Love will hit shelves as a graphic novel in February, just in time for Valentines Day.

Milk Wars

DC’s offbeat Young Animal pop-up imprint (curated by former My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way) is crossing the streams in a major way next year with the Milk Wars crossover event, bringing Young Animal’s cast of wild, reality bending, art house characters like Shade, The Changing Girl, Cave Carson, and the members of the Doom Patrol into contact with the mainstream DC books. These stories will be the place to go if you’re a little more into the strange and unusual side of capes and cowls.

Milk Wars will be built around various crossover one-shot specials like JLA/Doom Patrol, Shade The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman, and Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye/Swamp Thing and is kicking off at the end of January.


A four part story by Jeff Loveness and Jakub Rebelka, Judas is the story of, well, Judas. As in the biblical betrayer of Jesus Christ and what happens to him after his death. But don’t let the religious bent of the story fool you–the first issue, which dropped in December of 2017, established that this is going to be anything but a Bible story. Taking queues from Dante’s Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost, Judas is a poetic, beautifully rendered exploration of love, loss, and reckoning as Judas wanders the afterlife, wondering just where he fits into the canon of history.

Judas #2 is coming in January.

The Terrifics

One of the titles falling under DC’s newly rebranded New Age Of DC Heroes line, The Terrifics is Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis’s crack at a tried-and-true superhero team formula. Comprised of some of DC’s B and C listers like Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl, and Plastic Man, the team is going to be spiraling out of the events of Dark Nights: Metal, the Batman-centric crossover that dominated the back half of DC’s 2017. And, if Metal is any indication, The Terrifics is definitely going to be a book to watch for fans invested in the larger story of the DCU.

The Terrifics #1 is slated for shelves in February.


Novelist and current Black Bolt scribe, Saladin Ahmed, announced a new project this year with artist Sami Kivelä and Boom Studios called Abbott, the story of Detroit in an alternate 1972 where magic and mysticism are not only real but potentially out for blood. Focused on an investigative journalist named Elena Abbott, digging into the murder of her husband, Ahmed has said that Abbott is as much about its characters as it is about the city itself where Ahmed himself was born, raised, and currently resides.

Abbott #1 is set for release in January.