What started out as a quiet, quirky stream of an empty chair and a yule log on the official Overwatch channel has morphed into an equally quiet and even quirkier internet phenomenon. Over 30,000 people are watching Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan sit silently in the chair and stare and the camera. (As I’ve been writing this story, the number keeps going up, and at the time of publish, it’s sitting at 39,434.)

Moments captured on Twitter, and Jeff’s changing blinking patterns and shifting in the chair, prove that it’s not a loop (or if it is, it’s a very long one). If you want to experience the Christmas Eve magic yourself, you can tune into the stream at the bottom of this article.

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Twitter user DeathETM captured the epic boom mic drop here.

And at one point, Jeff even opened a present, as captured by Choylinggg