Destiny 2‘s holiday event, The Dawning, is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it adds a whole bunch of new stuff for you to check out. From decorations, to snowballs, to armor, to the absurd Mayhem mode in Crucible, there’s a lot to do and earn in The Dawning. We’ve gathered up images of all the items that the event adds and put them in this gallery for quick reference.

You’ll immediately notice that The Dawning is taking place when you jump into Destiny 2. Winter has come to the Farm and the Tower, where decorations abound and snow covers the ground. At these social spaces, you can take a break by throwing snowballs at your friends.

The snow has fallen throughout the rest of the game, too, as you’ll notice when you run Strikes. There, the snowballs actually have a use: you can throw them at enemies to stun them and deal damage.

In The Crucible, meanwhile, Mayhem is back. The crazy, chaotic game mode gives you a ridiculously fast cooldown timer on your Super attack, and it tasks you with causing as much destruction to the other team as you can.

Completing Mayhem matches and Strikes aren’t just for fun, either: new Milestones have been added that award a Dawning engram per week. These engrams contain a bunch of new gear, which we’ve showcased in this gallery.

Finally, The Dawning adds a gifting and receiving function to Destiny 2. Unfortunately, you can’t give gifts to other players–but you can give them to vendors and receive cool items in return.

The Dawning will run for the next few weeks; it’s currently scheduled to end on January 9. In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has recently detailed upcoming changes to both the Three of Coins buff and the Masterworks weapon system.

Giving (Emote)

A History of Starflight (Ship)

Chill of Winter (Sparrow)

Holiday Cheer (Sparrow)

Winterhart Cover (Warlock Helmet)

Winterhart Robes (Warlock Chest)

Winterhart Gloves (Warlock Arms)

Winterhart Boots (Warlock Legs)

Winterhart Helm (Titan Helmet)

Winterhart Plate (Titan Chest)

Winterhart Gauntlets (Titan Arms)

Winterhart Greaves (Titan Legs)

Winterhart Mark (Titan Class Item)

Winterhart Mask (Hunter Helmet)

Winterhart Vest (Hunter Chest)

Winterhart Grips (Hunter Arms)

Winterhart Strides (Hunter Legs)

Winterhart Cloak (Hunter Class Item)

Infinite Hand Ghost Shell

Winter Lotus Ghost Shell

Jasper Dawn Ghost Shell

Dawning Hope Shader

Dawning Warmth Shader

Dawning Festiveness Shader