If you’ve yet to try 2016′s Hitman reboot, now could be a good time to dive in. The game’s first proper chapter, set in Paris, is currently free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, developer IO has announced the game’s Christmas-themed missions are going free of charge for a limited time.

The game’s introduction has been free since June, but Paris marks Hitman’s first fully-fledged portion, and it’s a great example of what the game offers. This free version of the level includes everything you’d get if you’d paid for it, and it’s free from now until January 5–though if you download it now, it will remain free for you after that date.

Hitman’s Holiday Pack is also available for nothing right now after being introduced this time last year. It includes two thieves attempting to ruin Christmas by stealing everyone’s presents, and it also lets you throw a brick at Santa (don’t try this at home).

We enjoyed the Paris chapter here at GameSpot. Critic Peter Brown awarded it a 7/10, writing: “Hitman’s a veritable playground that will delight you with its open-ended design, comical NPCs, and contract creation tools. These qualities, and the flexibility to be as hardcore or laid back as you want, are much appreciated, even if they don’t disguise Hitman’s lesser qualities.” Read more in our Hitman Episode One review or read our verdict of the game as a whole in our Hitman review.

Hitman has had a big year in 2017. Its developer was put up for sale by owner Square Enix in May, before going independent in June. The action title then got a Game of the Year Edition in October before a new game and TV show were confirmed in November.