Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been netting award nominations at several outlets, and for good reason: it’s tense, terrifying, and one of the best entries in the long running series. So, the timing couldn’t be better for our playthrough.

And if you thought Mary Kish had an itchy trigger finger before this episode, you have no idea. In fact, one might say her trigger finger is more than itchy. In this episode of Resident Kinevil 7, Mary’s trigger finger essentially spasms every five minutes. It definitely doesn’t lead to her wasting any ammo, though, so that’s good. Anyway. Enjoy the episode!

To catch up on previous episodes of Resident Kinevil, where Mike Mahardy and former GameSpot member Mary Kish play through every numbered Resident Evil game, you can visit the show’s page here, or its YouTube channel here.