While the Justice League in the latest DC movie features just a handful of heroes, the history of the team in the comic books is a lot more complicated. Since their creation in 1960 the team has seen over 150 members in a wide variety of divisions, offshoots, alternate versions, and reimaginings. From Justice Leagues America, Europe, and International to Justice League Dark and Justice League Elite, and through the various timelines and reboots like Flashpoint, New 52, and Rebirth, it all gets a bit complicated.

Here’s the second part of our run-down of all the heroes who have been part of this legendary team over nearly 60 years of justice. You can see Every Superhero Who’s Ever Been In The Justice League Part 1 here.


AKA. Miiyahbin Marten

Part of the New 52 Justice League United that formed after the closure of the JLA. Equinox is a teenage Canadian hero with elemental powers that change depending on the season.


The mysterious Faith was raised by the military as a superhuman weapon with psychic powers. Joined the Justice League in 2000.


AKA. Beatriz da Costa

Formally known as Green Flame, Beatriz da Costa changed her name to Fire when she joined the newly-formed Justice League International alongside Icemaiden (aka Ice). Powers include the ability to shoots blasts of white-hot and freezing flame.


AKA. Lorraine Reily

Firehawk was given her nuclear powers via the same experiments that created Firestorm, but unlike that hero, she doesn’t have to merge with another person for her abilities. Was part of Firestorm’s short-lived JLA.


AKA. Ronnie Raymond/Jason Rusch/Martin Stein/ Mikhail Arkadin

Firestorm is a multi-host matrix possessing incredible nuclear powers. He created the shortlived JLA after Infinite Crisis, and with the combined minds of Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch, was part of New 52 rebooted League.

The Flash

AKA. Barry Allen

One of the founding member of the original Justice League, Barry Allen is known as the fastest man alive. He was also part of the New 52 reboot of the team.

The Flash

AKA. Wally West

Wally met Barry Allen when the latter was dating his aunt. Through a freak accident, Wally gained the same super-speed powers as Barry, and was part Justice League Europe in the 1980s.


Based on the legendary horror monster, the DC version of Frankenstein was a member of the supernaturally-themed Justice League Dark.

General Glory

AKA. Joseph Jones

One of two DC heroes with the name General Glory, Joseph Jones was a 1940s hero who came out of retirement to join Justice League International.


AKA. Prince Brion Markov

A member of Markovian royal family, Geo-Force can control gravity and the Earth’s terrain. Shortly after joining the JLA, Deathstroke attempted to recruit him to side of evil, but he stood by the League and instead infiltrated Deathstroke’s operation.


AKA. Gnort Esplanade G’neeshmacher

An incompetent dog-like member of the Green Lanterns Corps, G’nort was a member of Justice League Antarctica, a team of inept reformed criminals put together by Max Lord with the intention of keeping them well away from civilization.


AKA. Dorcas Leigh

The British superhero Godiva was a member of the New 52 Justice League International. Her powers include the ability to control the movement of her super-strong hair.

Green Arrow

AKA. Oliver Queen

Billionaire bow-expert Oliver Queen was one of the earliest members of the JLA. In the New 52 reboot, he initially declined to join the League, but agreed to operate as a rogue agent for them.

Green Arrow

AKA. Connor Hawke

Oliver Queen’s son was the second Green Arrow, and replaced his father in the JLA in the 1990s. He does not exist in the New 52 timeline, where Oliver is Green Arrow once more.

Green Lantern

AKA. Hal Jordan

The Justice League has seen a number of Green Lanterns move through its ranks across the decades. Hal Jordan was the first, and a founding member of the team.

Green Lantern

AKA. Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner was the second human to be a member of Green Lanterns Corps. He was part of Justice League International in the 1980s.

Green Lantern

AKA. Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner was another high ranking member of the Corps, who was given the last Green Lantern ring. He was part of the JLA in the mid-’90s.

Green Lantern

AKA. John Stewart

John Stewart was DC’s first African American superhero and has remained part of the main Green Lanterns throughout the past 46 years. During the 1970s he stood in for Hal Jordan when Hal was unable to go on Justice League missions, and joined the League properly in 2000.

Green Lantern

AKA. Simon Baz

The most recent Green Lantern to feature in the Justice League, Simon Baz joined the separate Justice League that was formed by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor as part of New 52.


AKA. Jim Harper

The shield-carrying Guardian first appeared back in 1942, and was only briefly in the Justice League. He performed a single mission in a 2010 version of the team that also included Donna Toy, Mon El, and Dick Grayson as Batman.


AKA. Shayera Hol / Shiera Hall

DC’s second Hawkgirl was originally denied Justice League membership in 1964, due to the fact that her husband, Hawkman, was admitted and only one member can join at a time. She joined the team a decade later.


AKA. Kendra Saunders

Kendra Saunders was the great-niece of Shiera Hall. She committed suicide, but as she died her soul was replaced by that of her great-aunt and the new Hawkgirl was born. She joined the JLA in 2000.


AKA. Katar Hol / Carter Hall

There are two versions of Karar Hol, the winged hero of the planet Thanagar. The first joined the Justice League in the mid-60s, and the character was then rebooted with a different backstory in 2011 is part of the New 52 League.


AKA. Fel Andar

DC rebooted the character of Hawkman in 1989, and gave him the new alias of Fel Andar. This version was married to Hawkwoman/Sharon Parker, and was part of Justice League International, before he was exposed as a traitor.


AKA. Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker was tricked into marrying Fel Andar, an enemy Thanagarian agent, who had infiltrated the Justice League as Hawkman. After joining the Justice League she discovered the truth about Andar, but was fatally injured by him.


AKA. Matthew Tyler

Hourman is an android from the 853rd century, built using the DNA from the classic 1940s superhero of the same name. Hourman joined the JLA in 1997.


AKA. Helena Bertinelli

Huntress has had several aliases and backstories over the year. The version that was part of Justice League International in the 1980s was the highly-trained daughter of a Mafia boss who now crusades against her parents death at the hands of rival mobsters.


AKA. Tora Olafsdotter

Tora Olafsdotter was originally called Icemaiden, but shortened her name to form the duo Fire and Ice with Green Flame when both joined Justice League International. Although that version of the character was killed, she was also part of the rebooted New 52 International team.


AKA. Sigrid Nansen

The original Icemaiden. Unlike Tora Olafsdotter, she was not born with icy powers, but they were given to her via government experiments. Joined Justice League International after Olafsdotter’s death.


AKA. Jennie-Lynn Hayden

The daughter of one-time Green Lantern Alan Scott, Jade’s powers to generate green energy and shape it into physical constructs are similar to those of her father. Part of the JLA formed in 1996.

Jason Blood/Etrigan The Demon

Jason Blood is the human to which the ancient demon Etrigan is bound. Despite his violent tendencies, Blood/Etrigan tends to fight for the side of good, and was part of Justice League Dark.


AKA: John Constantine

The leader of Justice League Dark, Constantine is an occult detective who was recruited by Batman to put together the team of supernatural superheroes.


AKA. Tatsu Yamashiro

Katana is a deadly samurai superhero who wields a sword that contains her murdered husband’s soul. She is best known as a the member of the Outsiders, but also joined Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor’s New 52 JLA in return for information about her husband’s killers.


AKA. Cassandra Cain

Kasumi is a deadly, mysterious assassin reputed to have killed over 200 men–and who might just be a legend. In order to keep an eye on the covert Justice League Elite, Batman recruited Cassandra Cain (aka Batgirl) to pose as Kasumi within the team.

Killer Frost

AKA. Caitlin Snow

Originally an ice-controlling supervillain and one-time member of Suicide Squad, the reformed Killer Frost was recruited by Batman for the Rebirth version of the Justice League.

Jesse Quick

AKA. Jesse Chambers

The super-fast, super-strong Jesse Chambers is the daughter of Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. She was a member of both the Teen Titans and Justice Society of America, and joined the JLA in 1996.

Lex Luthor

Superman’s greatest nemesis joined the New 52 Justice League after he helped defeat the evil Crime Syndicate. Despite the reluctance of some members about his involvement, he was a key player in a variety of successful missions with them.


AKA. Sollis

A powerful New God with a cheerful demeanour and ability to fly at incredible speeds, Lightray was a member of the 1980s Justice League International.


The legendary intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo started life as a pastiche of Marvel’s Wolverine, but has since become a DC fan favorite. He is part of Batman’s Rebirth JLA.


L-Ron is the robotic assistant to intergalactic trader Manga Khan, and member of Justice League Task Force. His consciousness was swapped with that of the evil Despero in an attempt to defeat him, and for a time the villain could control his robotic body.

Madame Xanadu

AKA. Nimue Inwudu

A sorceress and member of Justice League Dark, Madame Xanadu was stripped of her powers by Merlin but granted immortality by Death. She now operates primarily as a spiritual advisor.

Major Disaster

AKA. Paul Booker

Major Disaster has been both a hero and a destructive villain in his time. He was sent off to the frozen wastes as a part of Justice League Antarctica, but later became a proper member of the covert Justice League Elite.

Manitou Raven

This Native American hero can grow to incredible heights. He joined the Justice League in 2000 and was also apart of Justice League Elite.

Manitou Dawn

The wife of Manitou Raven, Dawn was recruited into Justice League Elite along with her husband. Like Raven she has powers of size-alteration, astral travel, and teleportation.

Martian Manhunter

AKA. J’onn J’onzz

One of the original members of the first Justice League, the towering precognitive, shape-shifting Martian has also appeared in Justice League International and the New 52 JLA.


AKA. Maxima of Almerac

The morally ambiguous Maxima came to Earth in search of a mate and spent much of her time lusting after Superman. She was part of Justice League International in the 1980s.


AKA. Chandi Gupta

Having escaped from a deadly Indian cult who wished to sacrifice her, Maya joined Justice League Europe for protection. Her powers include energy projection and enhanced speed and strength.


AKA. Sonja

Sonja and her sister Pamela were both hosts for an alien symbiote that provided them with a variety of abilities. Pamela was the first Menagerie, but after her death, Sonja took on the identity and joined Justice League Elite.


AKA. Mera of Xebel

The Queen of the Sea and the wife of Aquaman, Mera was part of the new 52 Justice League in 2011.


AKA. Rex Mason

Also known as The Element Man, Metamorpho can transmute his body into a wide variety of compounds. As well as being a founding member of The Outsiders, he was a member of both JLA and JLE. He was under consideration for the New 52 JLA, but ultimately not chosen.

The Mighty Bruce

A small-time criminal who shared a prison cell with Major Disaster and joined him in the villainous Injustice League after they were released. Part of Max Lord’s Justice League Antarctica.


AKA. Jay Young

Mindwarp was chosen by Madame Xanadu to join Justice League Dark. He is able to project himself into a visible astral form known as a “seizure soul.”