The Most Prestigious

Call of Duty WWII‘s prestige ranking system is similar to previous iterations in the series, but this time includes more areas to max out than ever before. New to Call of Duty’s multiplayer are the five separate divisions that incorporate their own prestige leveling system.

Although prestiging divisions resets all the class specific perks you’ve earned, the first prestige level unlocks a unique division specific weapon. The five weapons (not including their cosmetic weapon variants with added bonuses) are the Infantry’s SVT-40, the Airborne’s MP-40, the Mountain’s KAR98K, the Armored’s MG-42, and finally the Expeditionary’s Sawed-Off Shotgun. These weapons can not be unlocked with rank tokens or found inside loot crates, so your only option is to grind in multiplayer.

Leveling each of your divisions to the first prestige level is not only a time-consuming process, but it also forces you to dive into classes you might not be inclined to normally play. Here are all five prestige weapons and a couple of its variants, as well as our thoughts on which divisional prestige weapons are worth your time. Be sure to check back often as we update this feature with more prestige weapon variants.

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Infantry Division: SVT-40

Semi-automatic weapons are a bit underpowered in Call of Duty: WWII, but the Infantry’s SVT-40 is still the best of the bunch. Even though the SVT-40 has a low rate of fire, it makes up for it in damage. Deadly from both the long to medium range, a mere two shots typically takes down your opponents.

SVT-40 (Equipped)

SVT-40 Variant: O.A.O.

The O.A.O. grants you a 10% Soldier XP Bonus for every kill.

O.A.O. (Equipped)

Airborne Division: MP-40

The Airborne’s MP-40 is a must-have. Even without additional attachments, the MP-40 deals significant damage with a high rate-of-fire and light recoil. If you are a fan of submachine guns, the MP-40 is the gun for you.

MP-40 (Equipped)

MP-40 Variant: Do-Re-Mi II

The Do-Re-Mi II grants you a 15% Solider XP Bonus for every kill.

Do-Re-Mi II (Equipped)

Armored Division: MG 42

The Armored class many not include a tank in its loadouts, but it does bring some big guns to the frontlines. And of all the LMG’s offered, the Armored’s MG-42 stands outs. Combining the best sight picture with decent reload speeds and good ammo capacity, the MG-42 is the most well-balanced light machine gun offered in the game. Not to mention is is quite powerful.

MG 42 (Equipped)

Mountain Division: KAR98K

Although the M1903 is Call of Duty WWII’s most powerful sniper in terms of damage and range, the Mountain’s KAR98K is only slightly less powerful. Its higher accuracy and large “one-shot-kill” zone makes the KAR98K worth your time if you spend most of your time stealthily sniping around the battlefield.

KAR98K (Equipped)

Expeditionary Division: Sawed-Off-Shotgun

If there was a single weapon in Call of Duty WWII that disappoints at almost every level, it would be the Expeditionary’s Sawed-Off Shotgun. It’s weak damage and terrible range makes it underwhelming in every regard. Your best bet is to stick with its big brother, the M30, or take advantage of the Combat Shotgun’s increased ammo capacity.

Sawed-Off-Shotgun (Equipped)