While the Justice League in the latest DC movie features just a handful of heroes, the history of the team in the comic books is a lot more complicated. First created in 1960, over the decades it has seen over 150 members in a wide variety of divisions, offshoots, alternate versions, and reimaginings. From Justice Leagues America, Europe, and International to Justice League Dark and Justice League Elite, through the various timelines and reboots of Flashpoint, New 52, and Rebirth, it all gets a bit complicated.

Here’s the first part of our run-down of all the heroes who have been part of this legendary team over nearly 60 years of justice.

Adam Strange

A regular in the DC universe since the late ’50s, Strange joined Justice League United as part of New 52 in 2014. He has bionic eyes, a jetpack, and an energy gun.

Agent Liberty

AKA: Benjamin Lockwood

Former CIA agent turned masked crimefighter, Agent Liberty briefly joined the Justice League to fight Brainiac in 1991.

Amazing Man

AKA: Will Everett, III

The second hero to be called Amazing Man, this version joined the Justice League at Wonder Woman’s request in 1994. His body can duplicate the properties of any inorganic material he touches, from stone to glass.

Amazing Man

AKA: Markus Clay

The third Amazing Man is the cousin of Will Everett, and possesses similar powers. After helping the survivors if Hurricane Katrina, he was asked to join the League.

Ambush Bug

AKA: Irwin Schwab

One of the most hilariously useless heroes ever to join the League, this bungling, teleporting hero was a member of the short-lived New 52 JLA.


AKA: Amaya

In the New 52 reboot of this ’80s character, Amethyst is a princess called Amaya, with powerful mystical abilities. She was the part of the more supernaturally-themed Justice League Dark.

Andrew Bennett

A shapeshifting vampire who is able to control his lust for blood, his debt to John Constantine led him to join the Justice League Dark.

Animal Man

AKA: Buddy Baker

As his name suggests, Baker can take on the power of any animal. He was first created in 1965, but was a member of Justice League Europe in the 1980s.


AKA: Mark Antaeus

The second hero to carry the name Antaeus, this version was a powerful, genetically modified hero who fought with the Justice League in the late ’90s.

The Atom

AKA:Ray Palmer

Palmer was an early member of the JLA, joining the classic line-up in 1962 to fight alongside the like of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. He has the ability to shrink to incredible sizes while retaining his full mass and strength.

The Atom

AKA: Rhonda Pineda

The Atom of the New 52 timeline turned out to be a spy from the Universe of Earth-3, who infiltrated the Justice League.

The Atom

AKA: Ryan Choi

Choi was yet another incarnation of The Atom. He was recruited to the Justice League by Batman and Lobo as part of the Rebirth continuity.

August General in Iron

AKA: Fang Zhifu

A highly decorated iron-skinned super-hero from China, August General was part of Justice League International in 2011.


AKA: Mareena Curry

Aquaman’s daughter was part of both TV’s Justice League Unlimited, and the Justice League of DC’s 2014 event Future’s End.


AKA: Orin / Arthur Curry

Aquaman was a founding member of the Justice League, and returned to the team as part of the New 52 line-up.


AKA: Uno

Subtitled “The Ultimate Man,” Aztek is a champion of the Aztek god Quetzalcoatl. He fought alongside the League in the late ’90s, but sacrificed himself to allow Superman to save the world.


AKA: Bruce Wayne

Alongside Superman and Wonder Woman, the most famous member of the Justice League. Batman was there at the start, and appeared in the New 52 and Rebirth versions.


AKA: David Zavimbe

Part of Batman Incorporated, Bruce Wayne’s attempt to create a Dark Knight franchise across the world. Batwing was based in Africa, and fought with Justice League International.

Big Barda

AKA: Barda Free

A powerful New God, Barda first appeared in 1971 and is also known as the wife of Mister Miracle (aka Scott Free, Darkseid’s son). She fought in the League alongside her husband.

Big Sir

AKA: Dufus P. Ratchett

What he lacks in brains, Big Sur makes up for in strength. He was part of Justice League Antarctica, a team of inept reformed criminals put together by Max Lord with the intention of keeping them well away from civilisation.

Black Canary

AKA: Dinah Laurel Lance

A vigilante with incredible martial arts skills and a sonic scream, Black Canary was a vital part of the JLA through the 1980s and became their leader when the team later reformed.

Black Condor

AKA: Ryan Kendall

The second character to carry the name Black Condor, Kendall is a Native American hero with telekinetic powers. He is by nature a loner, but spent a brief time in the Justice League.

Black Lightning

AKA: Jefferson Pierce

Black Lightning was one of DC’s first African American superheroes. The lightning bolt-firing hero initially turned down membership in the Justice League, before becoming a member many years later in 2007.

Black Orchid

AKA: Alba Garcia

The New 52 version of the classic character, Alba Garcia is a member of Justice League Dark. She has super strength and the power of flight, plus shapeshifting abilities.


An ambiguous and powerful necromancer, Bloodwynd initially joined the League while under the mind-control of Martian Mindhunter, who himself was being controlled by the demon Rot. However, he remained in the team once freed from Rott’s control.

Blue Beetle

AKA: Ted Kord

The first of two Blue Beetles to have been part of the League. The wise-cracking Ted Kord was part of Justice League International in the 1980s and partnered with Booster Gold. He was killed in 2005 by former JLA bankroller Max Lord.

Blue Beetle

AKA: Jaime Reyes

Reyes became the Blue Beetle after Kord’s death, and featured in the limited series ‘Generation Lost’ in 2010 as part of Justice League International.

Blue Devil

AKA: Daniel Cassidy

Former stuntman Daniel Cassidy was permanently bonded to a suit that was designed for a horror movie he was working on, and his subsequent attempts to remove it left him cursed with demonic powers. Accepting his fate, he put his abilities to good use in the JLA during the 1980s.

Blue Jay

AKA: Jay Abrams

Blue Jay was introduced in 1971 as part of the Champions of Angor, a superhero team initially written as an Avengers spoof. Blue Jay could fly and shrink at will and later joined Justice League Europe.

Booster Gold

AKA: Michael Carter

This egotistical, time-travelling hero comes from the 25th century and was part of Justice League International. Best buddies with Blue Beetle.


AKA: Alix Harrower

Bulleteer was based on the classic character Bulletgirl. She wears silver alloy on her body, which makes her skin indestructible, and was briefly part of an interim Justice League put together by Firestorm, post-Infinite Crisis.

Captain Atom

AKA: Nathaniel Adam

With alien powers gained through an experimental army weapons test, Captain Atom joined the League in the mid ’80s and eventually became leader of Justice League Europe.

Captain Cold

AKA: Leonard Snart

Technically a villain and long-term adversary of The Flash, Captain Cold served briefly in the League as part of the New 52 reboot in 2011.

Captain Marvel

AKA: Billy Batson

Known as the world’s mightiest mortal and now better known as Shazam, Billy Batson joined Justice League International when it formed in the late ’80s.


AKA: Selina Kyle

Gotham’s greatest thief was part of the New 52 version of Justice League America, which was put together by Steve Trevor.

Clock King

AKA: William Tockman

Another member of the inept Justice League Antarctica, Clock King possesses no super powers. In fact, his sole “ability” is a keen sense of punctuality.


AKA: Arthur Brown

Cluemaster is a failed game show host turned villain who, like Clock King, was packed off to Antarctica by Max Lord.


AKA: Nathan Jones

The electromagnetism-controlling Coldcast was a member of Justice League Elite. This was a shadowy black ops team organised by Sister Superior, who dealt with the jobs that the normal Justice League would not.


AKA: William “Congo Bill” Glenmorgan

Once a human who could transform into a gorilla, Congo Bill ultimately became trapped in the body of the beast. He joined a new Justice League group put together by the Green Lantern in the Cry For Justice comics.

Crimson Fox

AKA: Vivian and Constance d’Aramis

Crimson Fox is the alias of twins Vivian and Constance d’Aramis, who share their superhero duties. They have the ability to use pheromones to affect the behavior of men, and were part of Justice League Europe.


AKA: Victor Stone

Originally a member of the Teen Titans, Cyborg became a founding member of Justice League in the New 52 reboot of the team in 2011.


AKA: Boston Brand

A former trapeze artist who now walks the Earth as a ghost, Deadman uses his powers of possession in Justice League Dark.

Doctor Fate

AKA: Kent Nelson

One of two Doctor Fates to feature in Justice League International in the 1980s. Kent Nelson is a powerful sorcerer whose powers are provided by the ancient god Nabu.

Doctor Fate

AKA: Linda Strauss

After Kent died from old age, his powers passed to a woman called Linda Strauss, who took on the identity of Doctor Fate.

Doctor Light

AKA: Kimiyo Hoshi

A member of both Justice League International and Justice League Europe in the 1980s, Doctor Light has power over all light sources.

Doctor Light

AKA: Arthur Light

While the other Doctor Light was originally a villain, in both New 52 and Rebirth timeline Arthur Light was rebooted as a hero and member of the Justice League.

Doctor Mist

AKA: Nommo Balewa

The immortal spellmaster Doctor Mist was originally recruited to be a member of Justice League Dark, but was ultimately exposed as a double agent working for the evil Felix Faust.

Donna Troy

A long–running superhero with an incredibly complicated past and a variety of powers, back stories, and aliases. She featured in the 2010 version of the League, which included Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Dr Light.

Element Woman

AKA: Emily Sung

As her name suggests, Element Woman can transform into a variety of compounds. She was part of the New 52 Justice League.

Elongated Man

AKA: Ralph Dibny

The super-stretchy Elongated Man joined the Justice League in the 1970s. He was killed off, but resurfaced in New 52 as a villain.