Hopefully, you all had a terrifying and horrific Halloween watching various horror movies and playing some haunting video games. However, this past week quite a few Halloween-themed television series hit the airwaves as well, and we’re taking a look at four of them, even though one of them has nothing to do with horror at all. Were the new shows this past week any good or were they frightfully terrible? I feel like the Cryptkeeper right now.

Over the course of the past couple of months, we’ve been looking at a selection of new and returning shows and giving you a quick breakdown of what is worth watching and what you should pass on. This week, we’re talking about Helltown, Stan Against Evil, Ghost Adventures: Museum of Madness, and Total Divas. One of these things is not like the other.

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Based on a true story, Helltown takes the 1974 event of President Gerald Ford calling for eminent domain of Boston, Ohio, in order to turn it into a national park, which meant vacating everyone that lived in the city. From there, conspiracy theories arose about chemical spills and other government cover-ups. That’s were the true story behind this special ends. Helltown is a mockumentary that revolves around the idea of an ancient beast that is killing people in the woods and of course, there’s pagan cults involved as well.

What I loved about this special was the mixture of a real life event, the folklore that surrounds that event, and creating a new mythos as well. There were numerous times, before it got all super-natural, that I found myself pausing the show and looking things up: “Did Helltown really have a weird pagan problem?” There are times this show is cheesy, primarily when dealing with the supernatural beast, but overall, it’s a pretty big success as you want to know more about this story and world as the show progresses. It’s intriguing and well-crafted.

Is It Worth Watching?: Yes. Most of the time, Halloween-themed travel/history/food shows are awful. This one is top notch.

Helltown is available for viewing on the Destination America website, as long as you have a compatible cable service.

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Stan Against Evil

Stan is having recurring nightmares involving a woman in a coffin, which is actually Evie Barret. He meets a group of witches known as the Black Hat Coven and tries to figure out what’s happening to him and how to stop the dreams in the Season 2 opener of the IFC series.

Stan Against Evil is a fun show, and the premiere picks up right where the series left off. The show tries to combine horror and comedy, and at times, it’s successful, mainly from John C. McGinley’s titular role. However, the problem comes from the fact that the majority of the characters are written to be the comedic relief, so everyone comes off as this zany, one-liner driven, flat character. This is a bit of a letdown because the story really stands on its own. It’s interesting but gets bogged down by comedy, which at times is very unfunny. In order for this show to really succeed, the supporting cast needs to be a bit more serious and let Stan drive the comedy.

Is It Worth Watching?: This is a mild watch. The story and plot are really cool, but the series’s main fault comes from the fact everyone tries to be the comedic relief.

Stan Against Evil airs on Wednesdays at 10 PM ET on IFC.

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Ghost Adventures: Museum of Madness

Strap yourselves in for madness. Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans takes you inside his museum filled with items that are from his past adventures on the Travel Channel series, many of which he claims to be haunted. The Ghost Adventures crew, along with a good witch, a bad witch, and a vampire (why not?) spend the evening in the museum to look for ghosts.

Museum of Madness is silly. It’s a bunch of people in a house filled with dolls, mirrors, and actual human remains–like the very real skull above–screaming at the walls in the dark. It’s not entertaining, and if you have a scientific mindset, you’ll probably hate all the pseudo-science being tossed about. That being said, what makes Ghost Adventures watchable is the history behind each place the cast visits, and that aspect is non-existent here, making this special ghastly.

Is It Worth Watching?: No.

Museum of Madness is available on-demand through your cable or satellite provider.

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Total Divas

Finally, the newest season of Total Divas introduces two of my personal favorite stars from WWE: Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. Throughout the episode, which at times has incredibly over-dramatic, obviously manufactured drama, the women deal with their rise in the WWE, which includes the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

This is a really cool time–in this history of WWE–for the women on the roster, as we’re in the middle of the Women’s Revolution. While there is a good chunk of this episode that is very unappealing to me, hearing these star’s behind-the-scenes thoughts on where the division is going is intriguing. The episode is pretty funny as well, especially when the cameras follow Smackdown champion Naomi and her husband, the Smackdown tag team champion, Jimmy Uso. Someone give them their own series already.

Is It Worth Watching?: If you’re an avid WWE fan, you’ll probably enjoy this series.

Total Divas airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on E!.

Come back next week for our thoughts on Damnation, The Curse of Oak Island, Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, and Lady Dynamite.