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Monster Hunter Devs Weigh In On Loot Boxes

It seems like it’s getting more difficult to find a game that doesn’t include loot boxes and randomised rewards these days. Capcom is taking Monster Hunter World to a variety of different directions, but it seems like loot boxes is one option they don’t want to explore. Find out why in the video!

Super Mario Odyssey Becomes Fastest Selling Mario Game Ever in US, Europe

I think we all instinctively knew that the new Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, was going to be good. What’s surprising is just how many of us knew and acted on it…

L.A. Noire For Switch Won’t Fit On System Memory

Rockstar Games’ Australian-developed detective simulator is getting a re-release on current platforms real soon, but there’s a catch if you’re looking forward to playing it on Switch…

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