During Sony’s pre-show livestream at Paris Games Week, the publisher revealed the appearance of an upcoming top-down shooter from indie developers Vreski and Captain Rogue Production called The Hong Kong Massacre. Set in Hong Kong during an intense crimewave, you take the fight to the Triad, where you engage in intense, hectic gunfights with gangsters and criminals in the tight spaces of urban landscape.

The game is channeling aspects of the old-school Hong-Kong action films like Hard Boiled and A Better Tomorrow, with the moodiness and style of Blade Runner and Hotline Miami. In development for some time, The Hong Kong Massacre has made been making the rounds in the indie-scene for some time, and it’s now ready for its release on PS4 next year. The action looks to be very exciting, even letting you pull off a number of slick moves and abilities that are lifted straight from classic action films.

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This was from the only new thing announced today, as there was lot to come out of Sony’s Paris Games Week showcase. Head on over to our roundup page, where we detail all the games that were shown during Sony’s press conference and pre-show, including God of War and Destiny 2′s new DLC.