Soldier from Overwatch

Another year of PAX Aus, another year of freaking amazing cosplay. Check out some of the best costumes we saw at the show, give the cosplayers some love on their social channels, and be sure to come back as we update this galleries with even more amazing stuff!

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Above image: Soldier 76 is ready to roll!

Instagram: the_lastchancer_cosplay

All photos were taken by Dan Crowd

Joker from Persona 5

Joker is ready to, uh, joke.

Instagram: Little_Loser_laura

Mercy from Overwatch

Mercy back in her original threads.

Instagram: Z.ebbie

Some Very Good Samurai Gear

Facebook: Kurohasu Armoury

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts

Instagram: MrNeskiCosplay


I, uh. Okay.

Cindy from Final Fantasy XV

Everyone loves a good Cindy!

Instagram: n.e.s_cosplay

Jedi From Star Wars

Live long and prosper!

Instagram: Brentoe452

Fiona Beli from Haunting Ground

This one is a deep cut! Kudos to Jade for this cosplay from a classic Capcom survival horror game.

Instagram: Morikyou18

Athena Mercy from Overwatch

A great cosplay of what is obviously the best Mercy skin.

Instagram: Cinohrui

Morrigan from Dragon Age

Morrigan–always a classic.

Facebook: Morpheia Cosplay

Drake and Sully from Uncharted

Just a couple of loveable loons.

Facebook: Mudget Makes

Nun from The Conjuring

Holy crap! Hope this one doesn’t give you nightmares tonight.

Facebook: Dan Da Man’s Cosplay

Check back tomorrow for even more photos!

Kratos from God of War

Kratos has found a friend at PAX Aus, how nice! That’s what the show is all about.

Instagram: Orthodoxyn

Genji from Overwatch

You need to photograph a full team of Heroes of the Storm characters before Oni Genji will let you snap him.

Facebook: Fallen Cosplay

Junkrate from Overwatch

Identical twins Shenae & Mel Guzzardi had a couple of killer Overwatch alternate skin costumes. Here’s everyone’s favourite Australian maniac, Junkrat, in his Halloween Dr. Junkenstein costume.

Instagram: GuzzardiArt

Mercy from Overwatch

…and here’s Mercy’s amazing Halloween Terror witch costume.

Instagram: GuzzardiArt

Makoto from Persona 5

Here’s everyone’s favourite Persona 5 character (don’t @ me), Makoto!

Instagram: RippleCosplay

Abominable Mei from Overwatch

So many good alternate Overwatch skins! Here’s Mei’s Abominable costume.

Facebook: BlackApple Cosplay

Genji from Overwatch

Here’s a wonderful Young Genji from Overwatch. Great hair color!


Zarya from Overwatch

…and an equally perfect Zarya to go with it.


Orianna from League of Legends

Time for some some LoL action–Oriana’s Sewn Chaos alternate skin.

Facebook: Sour Bunny Costumes

Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy

Simon Churcher is one of the many Star-Lords grounded at PAX Aus.

Geralt from The Witcher

Jonathan Withall struts around PAX as casual Geralt.

Reaper from Overwatch

Even though Reaper’s always angry, he’s always happy to strike a pose.

Instagram: Jerom3393

Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Lachlan Hill is ready to bend like, all the air.

Wrench x2 from Watch_Dogs 2

Tayla Lawson and Maks Sze think two Wrenches are better than one!