Bandai Namco has reiterated plans to host an open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Specifics of the test are still unknown, but those eager to spend some extra time with it now know how they can get in early.

In addition to a variety of other bonuses, pre-ordering a digital copy of FighterZ from the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store grants early access to the open beta, which will only be available on PS4 and Xbox One. That means pre-ordering the physical edition–which you’d have to do if you want the FighterZ Collector’s Edition–doesn’t qualify you for this early access.

We don’t yet know what the open beta will consist of or when exactly it will take place. It can’t be especially far off, as we’ve learned that Dragon Ball FighterZ’s release date is set for January 26, 2018. A closed beta first took place in September.

In addition to early beta access, other perks for pre-ordering include early access to SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta, two exclusive lobby avatars, and a Girls Stamp Pack that consists of Android 21, Android 18, and Bulma. All of this will be available for the game at launch. Separately, players will be able to purchase a season pass that adds eight characters to FighterZ’s roster.

This story has been updated with confirmation that early open beta access is a digital-only exclusive.