Tekken 7 is one of the most high-profile fighting games to be released this year, especially since it’s the latest entry in the storied Tekken series. It was received favorably by critics, and now we know that it’s done pretty well commercially, too.

On Twitter, game director Katsuhiro Harada revealed that Tekken 7 has now passed 2 million in sales on PS4 and Xbox One since it launched in June. Add in the 300,000 copies sold on Steam, and Tekken 7 has moved 2.3 million copies across all platforms.

This indicates strong performance for the game so far; for comparison, Tekken 6 hit around 1.8 million copies sold on consoles in its first seven months on the market.

In other Tekken 7 news, Bandai Namco has more DLC in the works. Fatal Fury character Geese Howard will come to the game this winter. You can check out his announcement trailer here. In addition, in August, the game received a bizarre piece of DLC that features bowling.