Today in news about this crazy world we live in, McDonald’s has pledged to make Szechuan sauce more widely available after Rick & Morty fans complained. If you’re just catching up, McDonald’s originally announced that it was bringing back the sauce for one day. This happened recently, but people took issue with its scarce availability. So it’s good news today that the fast food giant has apologised for the shortage and pledged to make the sauce more widely available in the future.

In a statement posted on Twitter, McDonald’s said Szechuan sauce will be back this winter. And it won’t be a one-day event, either, so you should have a better chance of just walking into your local restaurant and getting the sauce you so desire. You can read the full statement below, which contains more than a few cheeky Rick & Morty references.

Szechuan sauce was originally made to promote the 1998 movie Mulan, but it gained new popularity recently from its role in the show Rick & Morty. McDonald’s had always said that the Szechaun sauce available on October 7 would be a very limited release but in some cases, people seemed to get pretty heated about not getting the sauce. In the video below, a crowd chanted “We want sauce.” The police apparently showed up.