YouTube channel ZaziNombies is back with its latest impossibly cool Lego creation. This newest video shows Destiny 2‘s Exotic Sunshot handcannon created with Lego bricks.

The creation uses around 550 bricks, including the special “light bricks” for the core. The weapon uses gold and chrome bricks to match the game weapon’s design, while cut-up black sticker sheets were used to get the accents right on the handle and barrel. It’s 40 centimetres long and is described as being top-heavy, according to the video (via Game Informer).

You may not be able to get or make this Destiny 2 Lego weapon in real life. But in game, you can acquire it by completing the “Sacrilege” campaign mission and then speaking to Asher Mir on Io.

This is not the first Destiny 2 weapon shown off by the ZaziNombies channel. Some of the others have included the Ace of Spades and the Gjallerhorn.

Looking further ahead, Bungie will also support Destiny 2 will paid expansion content, the first of which, Curse of Osiris, is reportedly coming out in December. Alongside Xur, the first Trials of the Nine event is also now live.