Season 7 of Game of Thrones gave fans more than just dragons blowing stuff up and family members engaging in coitus. There were quite a few reunions between our favorite characters. In Game of Thrones, everyone is always on a journey, and lots of these characters haven’t seen each other in years. Here’s who reunited during the season, in the order they happened.

After watching the season finale, do you have lingering questions? So do we, and we broke down our biggest ones here. In addition, there may be some things you missed from the final episode, which we break down here.

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers coming.

Daenerys Targaryen and Dragonstone

During the tail end of the first episode, entitled “Dragonstone,” Daenerys Targaryen makes her way to Dragonstone. Although we never see her there during the series, the Mother of Dragons was born here, so this is truly a homecoming moment for the character.

Arya Stark and Hot Pie

Hot Pie first met Arya Stark during Season 1, when he was bullying Arya to give up her sword, Needle. At this time, Arya was pretending to be a boy in order to hide that she was a Stark, while travelling with a group of Night’s Watch recruits. Eventually, the two settled their differences and became friends. The last time Arya and Hot Pie saw each other was during Season 3, when Hot Pie gave Arya some bread as they parted ways.

During Season 7, in “Stormborn,” Arya enters an inn where Hot Pie is working–still making bread–and he catches her up on everything that’s happened since she’s been gone.

Nymeria and Arya Stark

During Season 1, the Stark children adopted six direwolves, and Arya’s was named Nymeria. However, Queen Cersei Lannister ordered the execution of the wolf after it protected Arya by attacking Joffrey. To protect her, Arya sends Nymeria off into the wilderness, and that’s the last time we saw her.

In “Stormborn,” Arya comes across a pack of wolves while travelling, which is led by Nymeria. The two have a quick moment before the pack of wolves leaves.

Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow

Tyrion and Jon met each other in Season 1, and Tyrion felt they were kindred spirits as the black sheep of their families. Tyrion helped Jon realize that he should be helping train the recruits at Winterfell, not embarrassing them with his superior fighting skills. Tyrion traveled to the Wall with Jon, but soon after, Tyrion left while Jon stayed to become a member of the Night’s Watch.

Both of these characters have come a long way since the first season. Jon is now the King of the North and Tyrion is Hand of the Queen to Daenerys. The two reunite during “The Queen’s Justice,” and Tyrion is the only person Jon can rely on since they have a history together.

Cersei Lannister and Ellaria Sand

Cersai and Ellaria first met during King Joffrey’s wedding in Season 4, the day he was assassinated. The two women butted heads over their cultural differences from the get-go. Later, Ellaria poisoned Myrcella Baratheon, which didn’t please Cersei.

During Season 7, Euron Greyjoy captured and delivered Ellaria–and her daughter–to King’s Landing, where Cersei imprisoned them. In the episode titled “The Queen’s Justice,” Cersei uses the same slow-acting poison that killed Myrcella on Tyene, and a chained Ellaria is forced to watch her die.

Sansa and Bran Stark

During Season 1, Bran Stark is pushed from a tower after seeing Cersei and Jaime Lannister having sex, and the fall paralyzes him. During Season 2, Bran leaves Winterfell after Theon Greyjoy captures it. This is where his journey to become the Three-Eyed Raven began. Sansa, on the other hand, was on her own journey, which led to her being passed around between men to be married to.

During “The Queen’s Justice,” Bran returned from beyond the Wall to Winterfell and reunited with Sansa. The conversation between the two was awkward as Bran refused to explain what being the Three-Eyed Raven was to his sister.

Jaime Lannister and Olenna Tyrell

The Tyrells and Lannisters had a tepid relationship. Olenna and Jaime first met during Season 3, when her granddaughter, Margaery, was engaged to King Joffrey. During the wedding Olenna poisoned Joffrey, but she had a few run-ins with Jaime, as they served on a council together. Olenna’s main problem was with Cersei, whom she saw as a monster.

Cersei sends Jaime to do her bidding during “The Queen’s Justice,” and he provides Olenna with a painless poison, rather than capture her and subject her to Cersei’s torture. However–before she died–Olenna got the last laugh by telling Jaime that she was the one who killed Joffrey.

Sansa and Arya Stark

The last time Arya Stark saw her sister was during Season 1, at King’s Landing, right before her father was executed. As stated earlier, Arya was on the run after that, while Sansa was with Joffrey.

During “The Spoils of War,” Arya returns home to Winterfell for the first time in years. The two sisters embraced in the crypts, and even though they’ve both gone through some incredible changes over the years, everything seemed right again.

Bran and Arya Stark

These two didn’t share much screentime after Bran was paralyzed during Season 1. He stayed in Winterfell while Arya joined her father and sister in King’s Landing.

In “The Spoils of War,” all three remaining Starks reunited at Winterfell, even though one is now the Three-Eyed Raven and another is an assassin. Bran and Arya shared a hug, and it was the first time that these characters were in the same scene together.

Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy

In Season 1, Theon Greyjoy was living in Winterfell as Ned Stark’s ward. Theon was cocky and arrogant and at times, would pick on Jon. They seemed like brothers. Once Jon has joined the Night’s Watch, Theon seized the castle at Winterfell, which led to the deaths of citizens and put Bran on the run.

During “Spoils of War,” Theon showed up at Dragonstone. Jon was there and not pleased to see him. Jon said if it weren’t for him helping Sansa escape from Ramsay Bolton, Jon would have killed him right there.

Tyrion and Jaime Lannister and Bronn

Viewers saw Jaime and Tyrion interact with each other quite a bit during the first few seasons of the series. As for Bronn, he and Tyrion were incredibly close early on, as Bronn was his personal bodyguard and only real friend. After Tyrion killed his father, Tywin, he fled King’s Landing.

During “Eastwatch,” Tyrion–who is Hand to Daenerys–headed to King’s Landing to discuss matters of a truce between the armies, in order to fight the White Walkers. There was a lot of tension between the brothers, as the last time Jaime saw Tyrion, he was helping him escape his cell, which led to their father’s murder.

Gendry Baratheon and Davos Seaworth

Gendry is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon and was captive at Dragonstone during Season 3, as Melisandre wanted to sacrifice him because there’s powerful King’s blood inside of him. Davos helped Gendry escape by giving him a rowboat.

During “Eastwatch,” Davos sneaked off to King’s Landing and found Gendry working as a blacksmith. However, Gendry was more than happy to leave this life behind, even if it meant going north of the Wall and freezing his butt off.

Tyrion Lannister and Jorah Mormont

A few years back, during Season 5, Jorah had been cast out of Meereen by Daenerys. Jorah stumbled across Tyrion–who was actually travelling to Meereen himself–and kidnapped him, with the hopes that this prize would put him back in Daenerys’ favor. This journey ultimately led to Jorah contracting greyscale. Tyrion eventually became Daenerys’ advisor, and Jorah left her as his greyscale worsened.

During “Eastwatch,” Jorah made his way to Dragonstone and saw Tyrion once again. This reunion was overshadowed by another, which happened moments later.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah Mormont

Daenerys first met Jorah during her and Khal Drogo’s wedding. Jorah was there to serve her and her brother. While he was actually sent there to spy on Daenerys for Varys, Jorah came to admire her, even trying to win her back after she learned of his betrayal. Eventually, Jorah left because of his greyscale infection.

Right after the Tyrion/Jorah reunion in “Eastwatch,” a healed Jorah met with Daenerys. She called him her friend, once again, and he was accepted back into the fold.

Benjen Stark and Jon Snow

Benjen Stark was a member of the Night’s Watch, and the one who invited Jon Snow to Castle Black, during Season 1. While on a mission north of the Wall, Benjen disappeared. It was later revealed that Benjen was attacked by White Walkers but later saved by the Children of the Forest. However, he must stay north of the wall.

In “Beyond the Wall,” Jon was left alone while fighting the wights and White Walkers, and just as he was about to be attacked, Benjen rode in and saved him. He put Jon on his horse and had him escape while Benjen fought the undead army. It was a short but sweet reunion between the Starks.

Podrick Payne and Tyrion Lannister

Podrick was originally Tyrion’s squire in Season 2 of the series. He was by Tyrion’s side right up until the aftermath of Joffrey’s assassination. After Tyrion was arrested, he persuaded Podrick to flee King’s Landing, so he wouldn’t get implicated in the King’s death. Tyrion called Podrick a loyal squire, and it was a tearful goodbye.

During “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Tyrion was reunited with Podrick, who had been serving Brienne of Tarth for the past few seasons. It was brief, but Podrick said he was glad to see his former lord again.

Sandor Clegane and Brienne of Tarth

Sandor, who was travelling with Arya Stark at the time, met Brienne and Podrick during Season 4. Brienne was looking for the Stark sisters, as she made a vow to their mother to protect them, but Sandor refused to give her up. This escalated to a fight, which resulted in Brienne biting off part of Sandor’s ear, and he ended up bloodied and near death at the bottom of a hill.

In “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Brienne and Sandor reunited and recounted the last time they met, both claiming they were protecting Arya. Brienne said Arya was alive, fine, and the only person who needed protection were the people who got in her way. They both shared a smile.

Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister

While Jaime Lannister was imprisoned by Robb Stark, Brienne was there, alongside Catelyn Stark, during Season 2. She helped Jaime escape and was later tasked with escorting him back to King’s Landing, where they are later taken captive by Locke of House Bolton. The two bonded as captives, and after they eventually returned to King’s Landing, Jaime gave Brienne his Valyrian steel sword, while she set off to find the Stark daughters. In Season 6, they were reunited briefly, as Jaime allowed her and Podrick to escape Riverrun.

During “The Dragon and the Wolf,” the two reunited again, as Brienne begged Jaime to try and convince Cersei to help fight the White Walkers. While these two characters had been on opposite sides for much of the series, they always tried to find common ground with each other.

Sandor and Gregor Clegane

Sandor and Gregor Clegane were two warrior brothers who hated each other. When Sandor was a child, his brother burned his face for playing with one of his toys. The two appeared together during Season 1 of the series, and Sandor got quite a kick out of his brother being knocked off his horse during a jousting competition. However, Gregor stayed by Cersei’s side for the majority of the series, while Sandor had his own journey.

The Hound and the Mountain came face-to-face in the Season 7 finale, and Gregor didn’t have much to say, since he’s essentially undead. Sandor had a few words for his brother, and none of them were good, which will hopefully lead to an all-out-war between them in Season 8: Cleganebowl.

Tyrion and Cersei Lannister

Cersei and Tyrion Lannister have a complicated relationship. She’s always seen Tyrion as a thorn in her side and murderer of her family–even though he only killed Tywin. They’ve been apart for quite some time, since Tyrion escaped his imprisonment during his trial for Joffrey’s death.

During “The Dragon and the Wolf,” the brother and sister reunited, as Tyrion spoke privately with Cersei about the war in the north. Their conversation was merely political and manipulative. This reunion went about as well as it could have. No one died.