One of Adult Swim’s signatures are the bumpers that are scattered between shows and commercials–the black screens with text that feature jokes and remarks on a wide variety of subjects. Last night’s episode of Rick and Morty was punctuated by one that took a shot at Game of Thrones–and those behind the animated show have already clarified that they weren’t responsible.

As pictured below, the bumper doesn’t beat around the bush. “The Writing Game of Thrones [2011-2016],” it reads. It’s a harmless enough joke, if one that feels like it’s a bit out of nowhere. But it apparently doesn’t reflect the feelings of the team behind Rick and Morty, despite being displayed immediately after the show.

“We had nothing to do with that game of thrones bumper after last night’s ep,” a tweet today from the official Rick and Morty account reads. “We hadn’t seen it, that was all @adultswim. We [heart] Thrones.”

The writing on Game of Thrones has faced some serious criticism this season especially, particularly in regards to how it handled time. But the Adult Swim joke arguably feels misguided after last night’s Season 7 finale, which made up for many of the show’s earlier issues.