As part of Microsoft’s Gamescom announcements today, we learned a lot more about the Xbox One X and where and how you can pre-order the super-powerful console. After the show, Microsoft shared even more details about the console, including how data/game transfers work when moving from Xbox One to Xbox One X.

In the video below, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra talks about the three major things Microsoft is doing to help make it a smooth transition process for people who decide to upgrade. Microsoft will offer “very easy way” to transfer your settings from Xbox One to Xbox One X, and you’ll also be able to install 4K content ahead of the Xbox One X launch in November. Additionally, Microsoft will let you copy games and apps off your home network, so you won’t have to manually move them or re-download them from the internet. Ybarra also confirmed that Xbox One games stored on an external drive will work on Xbox One X by simply plugging in the drive. You can watch the explainer video below:

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, priced at $500 / £449 / AU $649. Crackdown 3 was set to be released alongside it, but the game was recently delayed until Spring 2018.

A more powerful version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One X is capable of powering 4K games and is a step above other console hardware already on the market (including the PS4 Pro). You can see our breakdown for more on how Xbox One X’s specs compare to other consoles. It’s also Microsoft’s smallest console to date.

The Xbox One works with the Xbox One games and controllers you may already own; it also supports backwards compatibility with the catalog of backwards-compatible Xbox 360 titles. More than 100 Xbox One games will receive updates for the Xbox One X, including Ark: Survival Evolved, Anthem, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, FIFA 18, Halo 5, and The Witcher 3.