The Splatoon 2 community may still be healing after the game’s first divisive Splatfest, which saw Team Mayo defeat Team Ketchup in a battle for condiment supremacy, but that won’t stop Nintendo from causing another rift among fans. Today, the company announced the first details for the game’s next Splatfest, which is set to begin soon.

The next competition takes place in two weeks, on September 1-2. Unlike the previous Splatfest (or the pre-release World Premiere demo that pit ice cream against cake), this one doesn’t revolve around food. Rather, it asks players to make a much more difficult choice: which superpower would you rather have, flight or invisibility?

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Nintendo hasn’t announced timing details for the Splatfest just yet, but it will presumably run for a full 24 hours, just as the previous competition. Once voting begins, players can choose their side from the booth in Inkopolis Square, though once you make a selection, you won’t be able to change teams. Splatfest winners are determined by three criteria: popularity, solo wins, and team wins.

We already know at least one stage that players will battle on during the competition: Shifty Station. This new map only appears in Splatoon 2′s stage rotation during Splatfests. Moreover, its layout changes from event to event, so players can expect to see a new variation of it for this Splatfest.

Splatoon 2 is available exclusively for Switch. Those who’ve yet to pick either up will soon have a chance to get both at once; Nintendo announced it will release a special Splatoon 2 Switch bundle in the US. The bundle goes on sale September 8 and will be available exclusively at Walmart stores for $380. It includes a digital copy of the game, neon pink and green Joy-Cons, and a Splatoon-themed Switch carrying case.