With only five episode of the current season of cult TV show Twin Peaks left, there has been much speculation about whether creators David Lynch and Mark Frost will make any more. Showtime boss David Nevins has now commented on the matter, and it doesn’t sound too hopeful.

Nevins was asked if he thought there could be a fourth season of Twin Peaks during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Los Angeles. “I don’t think so, but it’s not impossible,” he said, via The Hollywood Reporter. “We are both avoiding the conversation for a while; we want to let the story coalesce and see how people feel at the end.”

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Nevertheless, Nevins did state that the network was very happy with the show’s performance, implying that it would be Lynch’s decision whether it returned for another season. While live viewing figures haven’t been that high, Nevins explained that the value of the show has been in driving subscription numbers to the network.

“I’m really happy with the performance,” he said. “It drove our business in a way that almost nothing else could. It’s been interesting and maybe it’s a blinding glimpse of how Netflix looks at the world, but [it had] a palpable effect on subscribers even though its overall numbers are not as big as our biggest shows. It’s had a very palpable effect on subscribers for multiple months now.”

The current season of Twin Peaks is the first for 26 years–the show was cancelled after Season 2 in 1991. Lynch himself has not commented on the possibility of another season of Twin Peaks, but in May he did suggest that he was finished making movies. Frost published the book The Secret History of Twin Peaks last year, and another titled Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier will be released in October.

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