Let The BattleZ Begin

After much anticipation following its initial announcement, the Arc System Works-developed Dragon Ball fighting game has finally been revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Titled Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game sports dynamic, fast-paced action with visuals that looks to capture the over-the-top aesthetic of the iconic anime series. But the bigger question now is: “Who’s going to be in it?” We’ve compiled all the characters that have been confirmed so far.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is developed by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, Blazblue). The game played on a 2D plane, but its characters are rendered in full-3D. It follows a 3v3 format similar to later entries of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The game is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is slated for an early 2018 release.

For more about the game, check out our footage of the game in action, as well as our montage of every character intro and win quote so far.


Cell is one of the primary antagonists of the Androids arc, the third major saga in Dragon Ball Z. A mad scientist named Dr. Gero designed him to be the ultimate fighter by giving him numerous advantageous genetic traits and abilities.

Future Trunks

Future Trunks is Vegeta’s and Bulma’s son from an alternate timeline. While the couple eventually gave birth to him in the main timeline, this version of the character comes from an alternate era where the world was devastated by the Androids. Future Trunks first appeared in the aftermath of the Frieza Saga, having travelled back in time to warn the Z Fighters about the oncoming threat of the Androids, as well as to deliver medicine to Goku that would cure him of the heart disease he died from in the alternate timeline.

Frieza (Final Form)

Frieza is the emperor of the universe who’s responsible for obliterating nearly the entire Saiyan race, which in turn caused the myriad conflicts present in Dragon Ball’s earlier arcs. Frieza has a massive ego, believing that he is the most powerful life form in the universe.


Gohan is the elder son of series protagonist Goku and his wife Chichi. While he shares his father’s strength and courageous spirit, he tends to pull away from fighting and only resorts to it as a means of defending his family and friends.


Goku is the main protagonist of the entire Dragon Ball series. He’s a Saiyan that was originally sent to Earth as an infant with a mission to destroy it. However, he ended up losing his memory not long after landing, which caused him to grow pure-hearted. Goku constantly trains hard to become a powerful fighter, which often results in him saving the universe in the process.

Innocent Buu

Innocent Buu is the first and the least evil of Majin Buu’s forms. He’s the result of Kid Buu (the original and pure form of Majin Buu) absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai.


Vegeta is the crown prince of the fallen Saiyan race. He first appeared as a villain, who worked alongside Frieza and his minions. However, he turned against the villainous emperor in favor of fighting alongside the Z fighters, all while striving to become the most powerful fighter in the universe.