Destiny is a beloved but flawed game. A common source of complaints was the fact that much of its backstory was relegated to Grimoire cards, which could not actually be viewed in-game. With Destiny 2, Bungie intends to resolve the issue by eliminating Grimoire cards altogether.

Destiny 2 world lead Steve Cotton shared the news in an interview with Forbes, explaining that Bungie “want[s] to put the lore in the game.” That means no more trips to Bungie’s website or app to read information that can’t be seen while playing.

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“We want people to be able to find the lore,” Cotton said. “All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign, and it’s told through scannables you find throughout the world.”

Adventures are a new brand of side-quest that players can complete while exploring the world; as we learned last week, there’s now more to do in the open-world than complete repetitive, throwaway Patrol missions.

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