Extraterrestrial tips and tricks

Arkane Studios’ immersive first-person sim, Prey, is out, and it has a lot of secrets you might not know about. Like Dishonored and Deus Ex, there are multiple ways to complete your objectives and interact with the environment. Some are obvious while others require a bit more digging. Here are nine things we wish we knew before starting Prey.

You are being watched

As unassuming as objects like mugs or chairs may look, they can easily kill you. One of the primary enemies you will confront are Mimics. These inky, slimy, face-hugging little bastards can disguise themselves as everyday objects and jump out at you when you’re least expecting it. Sure, you can bash every single object in a room to check to see if a mimic is hiding–what we call the scientific wrench-to-matter test. But there are more efficient ways to see if one of these little monsters is hiding in plain sight. A better approach is to use your ears and listen for wet-sounding clicking noises. Once you’ve pinpointed the imposter, take out that wrench, charge up a swing, and send that little guy to the moon.

GLOO rounds are your friends

The wrench can feel a bit imprecise and unwieldy, so you might want to prioritize any firearms you pick up. The GLOO gun, for example, can freeze enemies in place. When they’re frozen, you can switch to your wrench and get in a few swings or fire a few well-placed rounds into it. Whatever you do, act fast, because enemies will break free eventually.

Freezing enemies isn’t the only thing the GLOO gun is good for. Aim it at surfaces and you can create steps and platforms to help you reach new areas. Large rooms often have balconies and mezzanines, many of which are best accessible with a couple GLOO rounds. The GLOO gun can also be used to stop electric junctions and gas leaks.

Every weapon has its uses

Apart from the GLOO gun, you will find standard guns like a shotgun and silenced pistol. And don’t underestimate the usefulness of the toy dart gun. You can use the toy gun to activate computer monitors and switches from a distance if you lack the means to get close to those terminals yourself. You can also use the gun to distract enemies, but be ready to equip a damage-dealing weapon if these foes get close.

Look beyond the glass

While you’re exploring the station, you will come across looking-glass videos. Looking glass allows you to inspect a video or recording from different angles. In most cases, we’ve found secrets within these videos, so make sure to look at them from every angle and watch them to the very end so you don’t miss a keycode or a secret compartment. When you’re done, smash that sucker because there are frequently secret passages behind them for some reason.

Know your item management options

It doesn’t take long to fill up your inventory after Prey’s first hour. You can expand your inventory within the engineer neuromod skill tree or you can just throw all your stuff on the ground and pick it up later when you have space, which we only recommend doing in Morgan’s office. If you need some room on the fly and have a Recycle Charger, you can toss all your junk on the floor, drop the Charger next to it, and fire your dart gun at the Charger. All your junk will magically transform into its basic elements. You can then use these resources to create weapons, ammo, and other useful items at a fabricator.

Recycle and fabricate

The more practical method of recycling is to use the recycler, the first of which you find in Morgan’s office. Take advantage of the Transfer Junk option to dump useless items en masse and save time. And while duplicate weapons aren’t classified as junk, you should pick them up and bring them to the recycler, as they’ll yield useful materials for the fabricator.

More often than not, if you find a recycler, there’s fabricator nearby. These are immensely useful for crafting items you might be short on, like medkits and pistol ammo, provided you first find the schematics to make them.

Loot the crew

You can use the Crew List at Security Stations to obtain a waypoint to any member of the crew, living or dead. You’ll need to reach them for certain quests, but sometimes you can find useful items on them.

With great alien powers come greater threats

As you make your way through Talos 1, you will undoubtedly indulge in some of those sweet, sweet alien powers. After you get the Psychoscope in Psychotronics, you can invest in powers like Kinetic Blast, Mimic Matter, and Mind Jack. Be careful, though: if you invest heavily into these skills, the turrets will turn on you and a frightening beast called the Nightmare will aggressively stalk you. If the turrets haven’t turned on you yet, you can pick them up and deploy them in different spots to help you out in a pinch.

Get creative with explosive canisters

Your default throwing strength isn’t great, which is why we don’t recommend throwing explosive canisters at enemies until you’ve upgraded the Leverage ability. These cylinders are still very useful, though. Aliens love hunting you down if you get their attention, which makes it easy to spring traps on them. Simply lay an explosive canister between you and an enemy, get the alien to notice you, and then hide while you wait for the Typhon to get close to the canister. With the right timing, a single pistol round fired at the cylinder can kill a Phantom instantly.