There are plenty of superhero collectibles out there, but a new statue of Deadpool stands out as one of the better ones. It’s extremely detailed, includes pop-art lettering, and is over nine inches tall. The catch? It costs $230.

The statue, titled “Deadpool: Breaking the Fourth Wall,” is being manufactured by Good Smile Company, and preorders are now open for importing it from Japan. It’s a pretty cool collectible, depicting the humorous hero breaking out of a comic book.

According to a press release, “The figure has been painted in a unique way that attempts to mimic the shadows and highlights normally seen in American-style comic books, while also very carefully selecting colors to best match Deadpool’s character.”

You can see a gallery of images of the statue below.

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The statue is estimated to ship in late November 2017. You can place a preorder here.

In movie news, the writers of Deadpool 2, which will begin filming later this year, recently announced that they are close to finishing a draft of its script. However, they’re holding off from announcing a specific release date in 2018 just yet. You can read more about the current state of the movie here.