Project Scorpio’s specs were recently revealed, showing the console is capable of playing games in native 4K and upgrading the resolution of your existing Xbox One titles. Now, Windows Central has obtained some images of just what kind of visual boost Scorpio will offer over the Xbox One.

The beetle images below illustrate what the improvement might look like. The photo on the left is, according to the website, a ladybug “that has been rendered at 4K using existing Xbox One assets.” The right image, meanwhile, “has been given vastly improved textures” and utilizes Scorpio’s extra GPU power over Xbox One.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The tech site also has images of what the upgraded console can do using the exact same assets, over varying resolution displays. Check out the full gallery over at Windows Central.

The pictures apparently represent mere tech demos, and are not from any released or in-development game. They were shown off recently to Microsoft’s “partners” at a private event.

In other Scorpio news, we recently got a first look at the console’s development kit, while Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained why the new device is coming around a year after Sony’s PS4 Pro.

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