A brand new season of Hearthstone is underway, and Blizzard is celebrating by giving away three free packs of cards from its latest expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, to each player.

That means you’ll get 15 of the new cards when you log in. There are 135 new cards in total, and of course, we’ve got a full look at all of the expansion’s Minions, Spells, Weapons, and the brand new Adapt and Quest cards right here.

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New to the game, Adapt cards give creatures with Adapt the ability to gain helpful new abilities like Divine Shield or an extra attack. Similar to the Discover ability, you get your choice of three different upgrades and can pick one for your creature.

The Quest cards introduce a second new aspect to the gameplay. If you have a Quest card in your deck, you’re guaranteed to draw one in your first hand. Complete the quest laid out on the card to get a big reward.

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