The Xbox Australia Twitter account today posted a message that reveals what might be the release window for pirate-themed Xbox One and PC game, Sea of Thieves.

According to the tweet (via IGN), the game will launch in February 2017. It is not immediately clear, however, if this is the release window for Australia only or other regions as well.

Officially, Microsoft has not announced a release date for the Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. GameSpot has contacted Microsoft in an attempt to get more details.

However, we do know that the game will not be an MMO and it will not be free-to-play.

“One thing I can tell you is it’s not free-to-play,” design director Gregg Mayles stated in a previous interview. “We didn’t say anything last year and then some people made stuff up, y’know, ‘it looks free-to-play!’ But we can clear that up–we will not be free-to-play.”

Sea of Thieves is an Xbox Play Anywhere game. That means if you buy it (digitally) on Xbox One, you will get the PC version for free and vice versa. Microsoft has also stated that this game is the best game that developer Rare has ever made.

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