If playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor got you in the mood for more The Lord of the Rings games, you still have one day left to get the perfect bundle.

Bundle Star’s $10 The Lord of the Rings Bundle includes four PC games: LEGO The Hobbit, RPG Lord of the Rings: War in the North, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Guardians of Middle-earth, and LEGO The Lord of the Rings.

It also comes with the complete DLC pack for Lego the Hobbit (includes all three pieces of DLC for the game) and Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug’s Treasure DLC, which includes special items and in-game currency. All games will require a Steam account.

As you can see by the countdown clock on Bundle Stars’ website, the offer will end after tomorrow, so if you’re interested in the bundle grab it before it’s too late.

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